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New Ulm, MN

When you need effective legal help in New Ulm, MN, you can trust attorney Jeannie Blatz at Blatz Law Office will provide you with the assertive representation you need. She is focused on protecting the best interests of her clients while providing personalized legal services for every case. Whether your case requires the expertise of a child custody attorney, domestic violence lawyer, divorce lawyer, or criminal defense attorney, you can rest assured that Jeannie Blatz is experienced and knowledgeable in handling such matters.
At Blatz Law Office, you can receive the attention your case deserves. As your family law attorney, Jeannie will focus on your family situation in order to secure the best outcomes for you and your family members. She will advocate on your behalf and will provide the assertive legal help that you expect. She understands that your legal concerns may be emotionally stressful and offers compassionate and caring legal guidance and support that you need. We offer emergency consultations.

Effective Litigation Alternative

Blatz Law Office offers litigation services as well as effective litigation alternatives such as mediation and early neutral evaluation services. Jeannie Blatz is on the Minnesota Rule 114 Roster and on the 5th Judicial District Roster and is recognized as a qualified neutral. As a qualified neutral, Ms. Blatz offers alternative resolution services that can assist you and your spouse to settle your divorce and post-divorce disputes outside of court.

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