DWI Lawyers

DWI Lawyers

A DWI is a serious charge that can stay with you for a long time. If you are facing charges for driving while intoxicated, you will benefit from sound legal counsel provided by knowledgeable DWI attorneys. This describes attorney Jeannie Blatz at Blatz Law Office. She offers our decades of experience to assist clients facing DUI and DWI charges in Mankato, Saint Peter, LeSueur, and New Ulm, MN – as well as the nearby areas.
Through personalized legal services, Jeannie will develop an effective strategy tailored to your individual case. Your customized defense will be focused on getting your charges reduced or eliminated entirely. Jeannie will gather evidence on your behalf while obtaining vital witness testimony to support your case, so you can rely on her assertive approach to yield the results you are seeking. Contact us today!

Protect Your Ability to Drive

As an experienced DUI attorney, Jeannie will work diligently to help you protect your driving privileges. In addition to criminal consequences, an individual charged with a DUI or DWI charge also must deal with the civil sanctions that put one’s ability to drive at risk. Depending on the type of driver’s license, a blood alcohol content as low as .04 can cause a driver to lose his or her license. A DUI or DWI is a serious offense with weighty repercussions, which is why it is vital to have a skilled defense lawyer in place to give yourself the best chance of protecting your driving ability.
Whether you are a first time offender or you have been charged with a DUI or DWI in the past, she can provide the legal assistance you need.

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Contact attorney Jeannie Blatz for a consultation on your drug charges in Mankato, Le Sueur, New Ulm, and Saint Peter, MN as well as the surrounding areas. Unlike other lawyers, Jeannie offers emergency services day and night for your convenience, so schedule an appointment by calling 507-934-2556 today.
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