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Attorney Jeannie Blatz at the Blatz Law Office is recognized as an attorney with extensive experience in the family law practice arena. In addition to her litigation practice, Attorney Blatz is a qualified neutral and listed on Minnesota’s Rule 114 Roster of Neutrals as well as on several other State Judicial District neutral rosters.
It is not unusual for divorcing individuals to feel tension and stress as they attempt to deal with the issues of the divorce, including custody, parenting time, and a variety of financial issues. In those situations where a divorcing couple cannot resolve their case issues outside of court or through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, Attorney Blatz’ ADR work and training continue to benefit her clients as she is often able to diffuse tensions and disagreements through the litigation process.
If you are dealing with legal issues pertaining to child custody, parenting time, spousal maintenance, child support or property division, Jeannie can provide the personalized legal service your case requires.

When you consult with Jeannie, you can be assured that your child support or child custody case will receive her complete attention. She works diligently to ensure that your interest in securing what is in the children’s best interests is at all times safeguarded. Contact us today for your FREE 30-minute consultation.
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The decision of who will or should get custody of the children in a divorce case is a difficult one. It is not unusual for each parent to believe they are the best parent to provide the primary residence for the child or children. In some cases, circumstances arise following a divorce that causes one parent to believe that a previous custody or parenting time order is no longer appropriate. If you seek to establish a custody or seek to modify a prior child custody or parenting time ruling, hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Attorney Blatz will work hard for you and your children.

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